The Saviour

The gnarled old bush vines on the Knolfontein Estate, in the premium region of Swartland, are the pride and joy of the Du Toit family, who have farmed this land since 1907. Yet not so long ago there was a real possibility that this magnificent Cinsault vineyard would be lost forever as the family faced pressure to up-root these high quality, low-yielding vines and replace with a more commercial crop. Happily Danie, and his sons Pieter and "Klein Daan", saw things differently. They believed that these special vines were worth preserving and so ignored the advice of the moneymen.

Why? This mature vineyard produces grapes that are amazingly concentrated and full of flavour. They are a true expression of the land. So what you are pouring in your glass is not just a taste of Swartland, but of Knolfontein itself. And that is definitely something worth saving.



The Saviour - Cinsault