Heads Ant Paul

Ant & Paul

Remember at school, when you were always told to put your name on anything valuable that belonged to you?

We never really got out of the habit, which is why we write “Ant & Paul” on the labels of all the wines we bring to market.

These aren’t just any old wines. These are our wines. They’re wines that we have brought home from our travels – wines that stood out for all sorts of reasons.

Sometimes, we’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon undiscovered gems that blew our socks off as soon as we tried them. And then there are wines that we’ve helped to create, by teaming up with an eager and open-minded winemaking team who are on the same wavelength as us.

All the Ant & Paul wines are different – they all have their unique qualities and quirks. Some are fabulous expressions of a classic region; others break the rules and give a new twist to an established style.

They all have one thing in common, though. For a wine to carry the Ant & Paul name, it must give you, the drinker, absolutely unbeatable value for money. We won’t sign that label unless we are sure that, price-wise, the wine in the bottle punches well above its weight.

This has been a partly political broadcast on behalf of Ant and Paul: travellers, wine lovers, and (we’re told) all-round nice guys. Well, we try.